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The Semiahmoo Sunrunners are more than just a Running Club  We also have a number of people who get out and walk.The walking group meet four days per week at 8.00 am for a 1 hour walk.

If you are interested in the walking group, the best time to come out would be the Saturday walk at 8:00 am . We start at the water tower by the South Surrey arena (you won’t miss us). Judi or Anne or Gill are some of our regular walkers, they will introduce you to everyone. Following the walk/run we go to the ABC Country Restaurant at 9 am. You would also be welcome to join us for breakfast!

 If you are intending to walk with the group on one of the weekday walks it would be best to send an e-mail to all of the addresses below. It would ensure that you get a response with details of the next walk.

Saturday     (Feature Walk) SUNNYSIDE URBAN FOREST  

Meet at the water tower by the S. Surrey Rec. Centre. Suitable for existing members and new people looking to join our walking group. 

Monday       STEWART FARM HOUSE (Elgin Heritage Park)  

Meet in the lower parking lot.


Meet at 16th Avenue and High Street (next to Mann Park Lawn Bowling) to walk the Duprez Ravine and White Rock Beach


Friday         CRESCENT BEACH  

Meet at the end of Sullivan Street

Don’t Be Shy Come Join Us !

For info contact

Gill    @                            jinks833@gmail.com

Anne   @                          maebell81@gmail.com

Judi    @                     judicumming47@gmail.com

The Walking Gang

The Gang At The Beach

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