2011 Sunrunner Photos

Garibaldi Park SnowShoe Trek – December 11-13, 2011

Group IMGP0195.JPG

Glen G., August, Stuart, Nancy, Glenn D., Doug Brewer

hike IMGP0198.JPG

mountain DSCN1090.JPG

snow hike IMGP0167.JPG

Sunrise -Moonset over the Garibaldi Park mountains.JPG

Gunner Shaw Cross Country Race – December 3, 2011

Photos Courtesy Amy Makepeace, Greg Anslow, Paul Mathias

Link to more Sunrunner Gunner Shaw Images:  (cut/paste if there is a problem)



Gunner Shaw 2011 025.jpg

Amy image010.jpg

Huey, Louy and Arnold

Amy image016.jpg

Greg image003.jpg

Gunner Shaw 2011 006.jpg

Amy image005.jpg

Amy image015.jpg

Faster than a boat at anchor…sometimes

Gunner Shaw 2011 007.jpg

Amy image013.jpg

Gunner Shaw 2011 021.jpg

Gunner Shaw 2011 019.jpg

Gunner Shaw 2011 022.jpg

Gunner Shaw 2011 012.jpg

Right side up

Greg image016.jpg

John Makepeace: head over heels for the Gunnar Shaw

Gunner Shaw 2011 013.jpg

Greg image024.jpg

A finisher’s grin

Amy image011.jpg

Amy image018.jpg

Gunner Shaw 2011 024.jpg

Canadian Cross Country Championships – November 26, 2011



Boundry Bay Marathon, Half and 10K – November 6, 2011

Almost Done.jpg

Cam and Dan Cumming, ‘Lad & Dad’ nearing the finish of the 1/2 Marathon

Gord 383191_10150389660442128_45416122127_8268255_537573365_n.jpg

Gordon Flett Race Winner in the 10K!

Paul Mathias, ING New York Marathon – November 6, 2011

Paul New York 006.jpg

The night before

Whistler 50K Relay and Ultra – November 5, 2011

YouTube of the Start

Group 304130_10150371741761330_539356329_8758102_491133272_n.jpg

Jimmy, Mary, Hanif, Antonio; Ski Trip or Relay?

Aline 381555_10150371742246330_539356329_8758106_827761783_n.jpg

Aline? leaving Whistler Village. Snow on the Ski Runs!

Shonna 317495_10150371743146330_539356329_8758113_588783047_n.jpg

Shonna with Ashleigh McIvor’s (Marilyn’s daughter) Olympic Gold Medal

Tina Hansen-Baker, Hoover Dam Half Marathon – October 29, 2011

THB Mead IMG_0404.jpg

THB Mead IMG_0414.jpg

THB Mead IMG_0430.jpg

Hallow’s Eve Trail Half Marathon – October 23, 2011

SM Hallows Eve 2011.jpg

Stuart McNabb on route to an age group 1st Place


PM Hallows Eve 2011.jpg

The Hallow’s Eve Zombie lurking the North Shore trails

Bill Bowness Crescent Park X-Country – October 1, 2011

Start 383277_10150371740126330_539356329_8758091_1146829170_n.jpg

The Start

Marilyn and Carole 311827_10150371740976330_539356329_8758095_1515741621_n.jpg

Carole and The Flying Nun (Marilyn McIvor)

Kathy 308625_10150371741286330_539356329_8758096_1020826787_n.jpg

Kathy and some future Sunrunner grandkids

Club Run – September 22, 2011

Thursday Run by Greg.JPG


Terry Fox Run – September 18, 2011

Terry Fox1637.JPG

Fairhaven Runners Waterfront 15K – September 10, 2011

Tina Waterfront IMG_0312.jpg

Louie gets to the podium again

Tina Waterfront IMG_0313.jpg

Ken takes Gold!

Tina Waterfront IMG_0316.jpg

Louie, Ken, Tina, Dean and Hanif on a great day of racing

Allan Clark at Ironman Canada – August 28, 2011

AC P1020401.JPG

Allan’s fan club including several Clark generations

AC P1020411.JPG

Hammering on the Bike

AC P1020422.JPG

A blur on the run

AC P1020434.JPG

Bandaged Ironman Allan with proud son Kevin

Fred’s 6B Adventure (Boat, Bike, Beer, Burger, BS, Bus) – August 20, 2011

Indian Arm-Squamish Bike trip.jpg

The Route: Boat (black), Bike (red)

I.A. - Squamish Stats.jpg

Some interesting stats (courtesy of Marc Fontaine)

Marc DSC00525-copy.jpg

Walter, Gail and others boarding the boat in Deep Cove

Gail DSC01695.jpg

Carole and others boarding

Marc DSC00534-copy.jpg

Marc Fontaine who provided some photos

Marc DSC00538-copy.jpg

This guy forgot to bring a bike

Marc DSC00540-copy.jpg

An example of fabulous scenery

Marc DSC00542-copy.jpg

One of Fred’s ‘minor’ road obstacles

Marc DSC00544-copy.jpg

Fred willing to give up the lead at strategic sections

Marc DSC00558-copy.jpg

Walter creek fording like a champ

Marc DSC00564-copy.jpg

Another ‘minor’ road obstacle

Marc DSC00572-copy.jpg

Getting across the creek

Marc DSC00588-copy.jpg

Coming into the Stawamus Chief near the completion

Sunrunners Cycling in France, August 2011

France Susi&Dave 2011 114.jpg

Susi Hobbs, Cindy Masaro, Mike Morton, Pat Shelby and friends with Dave Hobbs taking the picture

France Susi&Dave 2011 Day 4 7.jpg

Dave, Ross, Cindy, Mike and Susi

France Susi&Dave 2011 Day 5 01.jpg

France Susi&Dave 2011 Day 6 11.jpg

Top: Susi and the Incredible French Alps. Below: Dave & Susi

France Susi&Dave 2011 Day 7 08.jpg

Beats Gatorade at the side of the road!

France Susi&Dave 2011 Day 6 10.jpg

More incredible scenery

France Susi&Dave 2011 Day 12 08.jpg

One guess to figure out what the main vacation activity was?

France Susi&Dave 2011 Day 13-15 06.jpg

Two of the “Heads Of State” on the mountain passes

France Susi&Dave 2011 Day 13-15 07.jpg

Cycling to the Col De Tourmalet, one of the highest climbs on the Tour De France

France Susi&Dave 2011 Day 6 03.jpg

Susi descending like a true professional !

The Tenderfoot Boogie August 6

Tenderfoot Boogie - marking and day of race 029.jpg

Paul and Race Director Gottfried Grosser

Inter-Club Watermelon 5K Time Trial July 21

Watermelon 5k 1.JPG

Watermelon 5k 2.JPG

Tina Hansen Baker at the Alcatraz Challenge July 17

Quotes Tina: ” The Alcatraz Challenge on July 17 is a Splash and Dash. It was a 1.5 mile swim from Alcatraz Island and then a 7 mile out-and-back over the Golden Gate Bridge. Two of the world’s most famous landmarks and I got to play on them.”

THB IMG_1559.jpg

THB IMG_1569.jpg

THB IMG_1573.jpg

THB IMG_1575.jpg

Sunrunners Hiking at Lindeman Lake



Sandcastle 2011


All smiles before the hard work


“Smile Maria, it’s People magazine”


“Excuse me, where are the toilets?”


“Hey, you never know when a squirrel’s going to run out of the park”


Mike O’Grady; always on the go


“Running is my religion, the door is always open”


“When he hides the camera break out the scotch”


“Who said it would be -5 today?”


unsanctioned aid station…but looks better than water


“I’d be a wiz at crosswords if there wasn’t so many races”


“I’m campaigning for runners to wear helmets”


“Yea, I race every week-end with the ladies in shorts!”


“Where were you with the camera when I set a PR?”


“Ya, Ya, I’ll get to the finish in just a minute”


“When do they draw the raffle prizes?”


“Let me know when you have the picture, the guys at work wouldn’t believe me”


Gary looking….m,m,marvelous


Sam still ran fast even when tech tops were made of nylon


Does Flora have anything on under the apron?


All the movie stars wear sunglasses in public


Tides going out


Physiomoves; They are the best in the universe! ok, that’s a bit of a stretch


White Rock Footcare; “we are announcing today a sale on feet”


Does it get any better than this?


“I’ll be faster next year with this bike from Peninsula Cycles”


Dean, Gordon, Louie; friends now but you should have seen them on the course

Newport Marathon


Rudy (Tom’s friend), Tom, Stuart and Glen at the post-race tent. Al Benson was too beat up from the race and stayed behind the camera lens.

Sunrunners on a Sunday ride


Better than a Harley: vroom, vroom

Convocation 2011

IMG00157-20110526-2032 1.jpg

Carole Masse & Marilyn McIvor with EMS Sunrunner Bursary winner

 Robyn Venema

2 Elgin Convocation 2011.jpg

Paul Mathias with Elgin Park Sunrunner Bursary winner Jake Brushet

Gary John Jack IMGP0688.JPG

Gary Bennett & John Holland with Semiahmoo Seconday, Sunrunner Bursary winner Jack Williams


The last winter evening run from the Zeller’s parking lot

Eve IMG_0092.JPG

Boundry Bay Half Marathon